School Interventions

School Interventions


Fighting for your child’s rights in school can be intimidating and challenging particularly if you are not aware of all the rules. We are available to attend IEP, 504 and student study team meetings. We will explain your rights to you.

With so many teachers being relatively new to teaching, they do not always have the experience and the education to help children who have learning differences or attention difficulties. We can provide instructional support and meet with the teachers. We can guide you and the teachers to interventions that are appropriate for your child’s individual needs.

We are also available to help with appropriate school selection.

School Observations

It is often very helpful to have an impartial view of a child’s performance, particularly if it is unclear what is actually happening in the classroom. We can observe the child’s behavior and the child-teacher interaction, as well as, the child’s ability to interact with his/her peers. This added information makes it possible for us to offer the most appropriate interventions.


Behavior Modification

School Interventions

Speaker Services