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Overview of Child/Adolescent Evaluation

Prior to first visit


Rating scales and data sheets will be sent to you to fill out before the first visit. Some of the forms are for the student, some are for the parents and some are for teachers or other people involved with your student. It is important to get as much input as possible from different sources to get a complete picture of what is happening with your child. If any previous evaluations have been done, now is the time to start gathering copies of those reports. Works samples and report cards also add to the picture.

Initial Visit

Duration: approximately 3 hours. Parents and child are expected to attend

The physician will review the developmental history, rating forms and previous testing that has been brought in. A computerized test of variable attention (TOVA) is taken by the child. The parents will fill out a developmental history for the child as well.

The developmental physician will spend time individually with the student (if age appropriate) and the parents. A full physical exam including vision and hearing screening will be performed. comprehensive neurocognitive assessment of the individual. All parents are encouraged to observe this neurocognitve testing so that they have a better understanding of their child’s strengths and challenges. After the testing is completed, the physician will discuss initial findings and impressions and initiate any treatment or referrals as indicated.


Approximately two weeks after the initial appointment, a rough draft of the report will be e-mailed out to families. At that time, we ask families to review the finding and develop a list of any questions they may have. Corrections will be made after this review. The report includes history, findings diagnoses, recommendations for school and home as well as plans to deal with educational, social, medical and emotional issues that impact the child as well as the family. The final signed report will be sent out after it has been reviewed. Copies of reports can be sent to schools and other physicians when a consent form is signed.

Adult Assessment

Adult assessments vary depending on the need of the individual. Those individuals looking to obtain accommodations through work or school will need to go through a battery of tests to determine the specific areas of challenge. Those individuals who are not looking to obtain any special accommodations may not to complete the full battery of testing; however, they would do a portion of the testing followed by a consultation with a medical doctor.

Continuing Care

In addition to diagnostic evaluations, we are available to support your needs on an ongoing basis. If you have had a prior diagnosis somewhere else, we are happy to provide continuing support without the initial extensive evaluation. We do frequent follow-ups over the telephone, by email and in person and are available by phone during regular business hours. For urgent needs, a physician is available 24 hours a day. Ongoing care is charged based on time spent.

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